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Standing in the Presence of God – 2nd Sunday of Lent

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Standing in the Presence of God – 2nd Sunday of Lent

The Second Sunday of Lent – Standing in the Presence of God.

Just so, says the psalmist, should our hearts be seeking to gaze on the face of God: intently, lovingly and with unrestrained hope.  Living in the same light, not all people will agree - with what we see - to God’s presence in the blessings that surround them or find a reason to hope in the shadow of evil.  We cannot judge them for their vision.

What we see is only possible through the gift of faith.  That gift has been given to us. It is our privilege to use it, so that the light that shines upon us will lead us to joy and hope.

The Gospel on this Second Sunday of Lent [readings] on 24 February 2013 presents Jesus transfigured before his disciples. The scene is filled with light – overwhelming, glorious light. The brightness dazzles the disciples, and yet they do not see.

After Mass, Parish Youth/Young Adults meet in the parish hall to socialize, share food, a few jokes and LOL. We also celebrate Nadine’s birthday. At the same time, our parish choir gathers to celebrate as well.  Photography by Serge, Charline and Gaspard. Audio in English and Haitian Creole/French. Click the play button to listen.

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Did you get your Ash yet? This is #AshWednesday today! "This important that Lenten practices be connected" #AshTag #LiveLent #KunjengaNE

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