Values, Virtues, and Your Daughter’s Date

Originally posted on 21 August 2012 – updated.

<< I’ve been a parent for a long time now, and I have heard many, many parents — in real life, in print, and on television — talk about their ultimate hopes for their children:  “I just want my child to be happy.” “I want my child to be successful.” “I want my child to have a good education, a good job and good relationships.

I never hear:  “I want my child to be virtuous.


Who talks about virtue anymore?

Well, outside of the Church, not many. (Okay, let’s be honest, even most Catholics today don’t talk about virtue.) In general, talk of being virtuous has been replaced by talk of having  “values” — even though virtues and values are not synonymous.

Here’s how I see it: >> ( read more )

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More Massachusetts Young Adults embrace the ‘Theology of the Body’

–  By Jessica Valera – a CFP Correspondent

WORCESTER – Assumption College played host to a special gathering of young adults last Saturday night.

Pure in Heart Worcester, a branch of the international Catholic organization centered around Blessed Pope John Paul II’s teachings of Theology of the Body, had its Summer Kick-Off at the college’s Campus Ministry Center, in order to raise awareness of its presence in the diocese.

Calling young people ages 18-35 to live the virtue of chastity and to respect the sanctity of human life, Pure in Heart encourages its members to live the teachings of Theology of the Body in their own lives.

Pure in Heart takes Theology of the Body and lives it,” said member Samantha Pegg, 23, of St. Mary Parish in Shrewsbury. “Many young adults today are out in the world doing other things. Pure in Heart and Theology of the Body work to center us on what’s important, and to branch it out into the other areas of our lives.

First started in Ireland, Pure in Heart has expanded to Haiti, Massachusetts cities of Boston and Lowell, and has recently made its way into the Diocese of Worcester, where it has been welcomed.

I was looking for other people out there my age who wanted to deepen their faith,” Ms. Pegg said. “And Pure in Heart Worcester has done just that.”

She is not the only young adult who feels this way. Stephanie DeLaBruere, 23, of St. Mary Parish in Shrewsbury, also has found Pure in Heart Worcester to be a positive. “My faith has grown since becoming a member,” Ms. DeLaBruere said.

I’m inspired to be a better Catholic.

The emphasis on community within the Pure in Heart organization has been a successful element.

It’s a community of young people,” Ms. Pegg said. “That’s what’s made it fun and special.

Photo Credit: The Catholic Free Press
‘Pure In Heart’ Catholic Young Adults group. Photo Credit: The Catholic Free Press

Each Pure in Heart group has a weekly meeting lasting from two to three hours. The meetings consists of Mass, the recitation and praying of the rosary, dinner, a talk on a Theology of the Body topic, small group discussion, the sacrament of confession when available, and Eucharistic adoration.

According to Ms. DeLaBruere, this format allows for faith-sharing among members and attendees. “I think connecting with people your own age that are Catholic is one of the best things about Pure in Heart,” she said.

Father Jonathan J. Slavinskas, 29, associate pastor of Blessed John Paul II Parish in Southbridge, gave a talk at the Summer Kick-Off in which he praised Pure in Heart Worcester for its presence in the diocese.

I think it’s needed and I think it should be promoted,” he said. “Young people should come together to share their faith.

He went on to remind the group of each person’s individual call to holiness, encouraged them to use their gifts to grow in holiness, and thanked them for being present at the meeting. “I thank you for being here, for taking the step to come here, and for saying ‘I want this, I want a relationship with Christ,’” Father Slavinskas said.

When asked if she was happy with the turnout for the Pure in Heart Worcester Summer Kick-Off, Ms. DeLaBruere replied, “I’m very pumped with the turnout,” with a smile on her face. “Everyone seemed excited about it,” she added.

Attendee Leanne Cyr, 20, of St. Cecilia Church in Leominster, reaffirmed Ms. DeLaBruere’s positive feedback on the event. “I loved the adoration and the Mass that they had. It was nice that they offered multiple sacraments too,” Ms. Cyr said. “I would definitely come back again.”

There is hope of a bright future for Pure in Heart Worcester among its members. “We hope that we can connect the whole diocese and for us to be a go-to group for young people,” Ms. DeLaBruere said. “It’s something out there for us.” Social events like hiking trips, day trips, and other gatherings outside of the weekly meetings are also being planned, according to Ms. Pegg. “The point is to bring people together in a social event to practice living out Theology of the Body in that way,”

she said.

“If I was looking to deepen my faith, I know I am not alone. There are other young people out there that want the same.”

For more information visit the Pure in Heart website or ‘like’ the Pure in Heart Worcester page on Facebook.

Youth Christmas Show, St. Matthew’s

Annual Youth Christmas Show 2013 on Sunday Dec 22, 2013 at St. Matthew’s Church/Parish Hall at 4PM – Entrance via church parking lot, behind the rectory.

St. Matthew’s Parish Dorchester together with ‘St. Matthew’s Les Etoiles De Marie‘ and ‘ St. Angela’s Echo Des Jeunes‘ and Elizabeth (Zazu) Bernard invite you to the

2013 Annual Youth Christmas Show
at St. Matthew’s Parish

When: Sunday, December 22, 2013 at 4PM

Where: St. Matthew’s Church Hall, Dorchester – Entrance from Church Parking lot

May the spiritual beauty of Christmas bring most wonderful blessings to you and may the peace and joy of God’s guidance make your New Year a happy one, too!
May the spiritual beauty of Christmas bring most wonderful blessings to you and may the peace and joy of God’s guidance make your New Year a happy one, too!

Greetings Everyone!!
For those of you who are not aware, I just wanted to inform you that on Sunday December 22, 2013 the youth of St. Matthew’s and St. Angela’s Church along with a couple of other youths will be coming together for St. Matthew’s Annual Youth Christmas Show. Our show will be held in the church hall at 4pm.

The address is 33 Stanton St, Dorchester, MA 02124.

We have a great night scheduled that includes, singing, dancing, poetry, fashion show and nativity play and so much more. Our guests will have the opportunity to possibly leave with a couple of gifts if they choose to participate in the raffles. They will be sold throughout the night for a dollar ($1). We will also be selling snacks, beverages and goodies also. We would love for everyone to come out and join us on Sunday night to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ!


So feel free forward this message to as many people as possible. We have already sent out invitations to numerous youth groups but it doesn’t hurt to send out reminders as the day gets closer so feel free to invite anyone you can think of that would enjoy the night.

All are welcome so spread the word!

Hope to see you on Sunday!

And, feel free to contact me at 954-254-8192 with any questions and regards.
God Bless,
Elizabeth (Zazu)


May the spiritual beauty of Christmas bring most wonderful blessings to you and may the peace and joy of God’s  guidance make your New Year a happy one, too!
May the spiritual beauty of Christmas bring most wonderful blessings to you and may the peace and joy of God’s
guidance make your New Year a happy one, too!

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