Father William P. Joy

Fr Joy’s Ruby Jubilee

In praise to God for the blessing of the gift of Father William P Joy who shepherding us as pastor for now more than sixteen years, St. Angela’s and St. Matthew’s come together to celebrate Father Bill Joy’s Ruby Jubilee [1972-2012] – his 40 years of priesthood.

On Sunday September 16, 2012 there will be a combined Mass at 12 noon in honor of Father Joy’s 40th Anniversary at St. Angela’s Mattapan church.  In this occasion, the 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM Masses will be combined for a 12:00 PM Noon Mass.  The Joys family will attend.  The 4:00 PM Vigil Mass and the 7:00 AM Mass at St. Angela’s will be held at their normal times. Learn more.

On Sunday September 23, 2012 there will be a single combined Mass at 12 noon in honor of Father Joy’s Ruby Jubilee at St. Matthew’s Dorchester church.  In this occasion, the 9:30 AM and 11AM Masses will be combined for a single 12:00 PM Noon Mass. Learn more.

Born in Dorchester, Boston on July 2, baptized at St. Matthew’s Dorchester on July 14, Father William P Joy was raised at St. Matthew’s Parish on Withington and Torrey Streets (off Norfolk St.) Codman Square area of Dorchester before The Joys Family moved to Hingham Massachusetts.  Father Joy’s parents were married at St. Matthew’s. Father Bill Joy attended Boston College. He was ordained to priesthood by Archbishop Humberto Sousa Medeiros on May 20, 1972. He offered his first Mass on May 23 at St. Paul Church in Hingham. Now, Father Joy is serving as pastor of both St. Angela’s Mattapan since 1995 and of St. Matthew’s Dorchester since 2004.

St Matthew's Dorchester - Boston Catholic Church
St Matthew’s Dorchester – Boston Catholic Church

In 1972 – the year of his ordination, Father Joy was assigned to St. Mary’s parish in Charlestown, Massachusetts and then Chaplin at Bunker Hill community College. He studied at University of Notre Dame where he earned a Master Degree in Theology.

Other succeeding assignments and priesthood highlights include a Campus Ministry at Harvard, parish administrator at St. Francis De Sales in Roxbury, technical assistant at the Cathedral Holy Cross of Boston. Father Joy also studied at Babson College and at MIT.

In 1986, he was appointed Director of Church Services for Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the US Bishops’ International Aid and Development agency based in Baltimore, Maryland.

He became pastor of St. Angela’s Mattapan on March 1, 1995.

While remaining pastor of St. Angela’s Mattapan, he was also appointed administrator of St. Joseph Parish in Hyde Park in 2004 – which was suppressed on August 8 of the same year. On July 1, 2008, he was appointed pastor of St. Matthew’s Parish in Dorchester where he still served as pastor.

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