Kujenga Summer Retreat Showcase

In gratitude and appreciation to the parents who send their children to the 2014 Kujenga Summer Retreat and to parishioners who contributed with their financial support and prayers to the annual retreat, St. Angela’s hosted last September her first Kujenga-Viongozi Retreat Showcase on Saturday 6 September to Sunday 7 September 2014 at St. Angela’s church … Continue reading Kujenga Summer Retreat Showcase

Kujenga-Viongozi Youth Retreat 2014 – Thank You & Updates

Kujenga Youth Leadership Retreat of 2014 thank you and updates! On behalf of both St. Angela’s and St. Matthew’s parishes, we would like to thank all the parents who sent their children to the Kujenga-Viongozi Youth Retreat of 2014.  We would like to express our gratitude to all the donors and especially Father Joy who … Continue reading Kujenga-Viongozi Youth Retreat 2014 – Thank You & Updates

Annual Kujenga Retreat 2014

Kujenga-Viongozi are the Swahili words that mean, “to build leadership“. This Annual Youth Retreat is hosted by the Archdiocese of Boston – Office of Cultural Diversity Office for Black Catholics. The purpose of Kujenga-Viongozi is to develop leadership skills among youth and young adults in the Black Catholic tradition, with Jesus-Christ at the center of … Continue reading Annual Kujenga Retreat 2014